Services to Existing Franchisors

If you are already franchising, ME franchising will help you make sure that your system meets international standards by conducting a franchisor “health check” through a well-defined program, in addition, ME franchising can fine tune your existing system and can advise on key elements of your growth strategies and plans.  ME franchising will offer guidance and advice on many areas of your business including:

      • Your existing franchise infrastructure and documentations (manuals, agreements, disclosure...)
      • Your existing operations and ways to improve them
      • The opportunity being offered
      • Your training program and management tool
      • The franchisor requirements and obligations
      • The franchisee rights and obligations
      • Reporting and collection
      • Development priority market and focusing of resources
      • Recruitment strategies
      • Development Strategic planning

Franchisee Recruitment

ME Franchising offers franchisors, a Franchisee Recruitment Solution by acting as the franchisor’s franchise department and an assigned qualified team member to act as the Franchise Director. Our service programs very from:

      • Generate franchise leads and forward to franchisor
      • Generate leads, deal with leads and filter those who qualify and send to franchisor
    • Work with leads from first contact to the signing of the franchise agreement and act as a bridge between franchisor and franchise lead

ME Franchising goes further in helping franchisors, it also offers assistance to franchisors in establishing legal and financial presence in countries where ME Franchising operates (Middle East & Canada). We can assist in: 

      • Legal company registration
      • Trademark and name registration
      • Hiring of staff
      • Leasing locations
      • Securing supply chain

Services to Potential Franchisors

If you have a successful business with proven track record, have been in business for some years and have developed a know-how and a profitable business formula that can be replicated, then your business is franchise-able!!! Your business can become a global franchise brand and ME franchising is well positioned to help you realize that goal.

ME franchising will help you and your business put together a world class franchise system to appeal to the world, a system that provides a genuine business opportunity to investors looking to acquire a single or area development or master franchise rights, and a franchise system that complies with the international code of ethical franchising. We build your system and franchise infrastructure for global growth with priority markets based on your vision, the type of your business and the market place.

Some of the key franchise infrastructure elements that ME franchising will help you build are:

      • The company structure
      • The franchise offering and franchise prospectus
      • The imperatives for franchise growth and franchise business plan
      • The trade Mark and Intellectual property registration (working with leading IP registration companies)
      • The Legal package (ME franchising works with experienced international franchise lawyers)
      • The Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
      • The franchise operations manual
      • The training program
      • The operational management tool
      • The evaluation and compliance to the system tool
      • The recruitment process

ME franchising will help you with your A to Z needs to make your business a full fledge franchise business, we will work with you and your team and meet regularly so that you can understand each element and each step in franchising your business.

Services to Investors

ME franchising works with investors (companies and Individuals) from around the world who express interest in acquiring franchise rights. Under a franchise research program (FRP), we will search the globe for franchises in all sectors and would act as the key contact with franchisors on behalf of the investor. ME franchising will help these investors choose the franchise that suits their budget in the sector of their choice. During the acquirement process, ME franchising will:

      • Evaluate the franchise
      • Evaluate the opportunity being offered
      • Review the agreement and disclosure documents
      • Look into the initial and ongoing support structure and training program of the franchisor
      • Guide the investor on the development schedule and rights and obligations
      • Help putting together a business plan
      • Operating the franchise business (optional and under an operation and development independent contract)

ME franchising will act as if it is the company acquiring the franchise and will look into every possible area that can represent a burden to the investor.

Operational Guidance and Support

Due to its background in managing, developing and operating franchised businesses, ME franchising offers operational and development services to start-up food and beverage companies. These services vary from a concept to another but the key elements of these services are:

Creating a Weekly Cost and Sales Report (WCSR) tool
The WCSR is a great tool to help you better control your day to day sales and cost, this is a daily and weekly work sheet listing all the Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) used at your restaurant, the delivered products, the used and usage value of these products to extract your cost of goods sold (COGS) as this constitutes a major Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in your business. In addition, other KPIs will be extracted such as: UNIT SALES, UNIT SOLD, PRODUCTIVITY, FACTOR, FIXED COSTS and others to show you how your business is performing on weekly basis and will help you track your sales trends.

Creating a Store Evaluation and Audit Report (SEAR)
The SEAR is an inspection tool listing down all areas of your restaurant operation to ensure that the restaurant is run properly according to standards that we will set, these standards will be written down in details. The SEAR can be undertaken once per week in the beginning and once a month at a later stage when operation becomes more stable.

Customer Service and Food Handling Training
We will conduct training seminars focused on 2 main topics:

      1. Customer Service
      2. Food Handling and Hygiene

Food Preparation Technical Sheets
We will write down and document your food preparation technical information so you and your new and existing employees can use as a QUICK REFERENCE GUIDE to ensure consistency in food taste, ingredients, and presentation to end user. These technical sheets will be displayed where food is prepared so they are easily accessible to your staff.

Establishing a Food Safety Program and daily Checklist
We will put together a food safety program and teach you and your staff on food safety measures at a restaurant level. These will include check lists of all areas that need to be verified daily to ensure that food you’re are serving is safe for consumption and prevent any food Bourne illness which can cause real damage to your business

Creating an Employee Hand Book and HR Guidance System
A Human Resource System will be put in place to help you better manage this important area of your business. Knowing that your team will either help you make it happen or Break it happen, we will work with you to have an efficient HR system from hiring to retaining your employees. We will also set company policies to ensure your staff obey by these policies.

Lease Negotiations and Equipment Lay Out
Our professional service will include DEVELOPMENT guidance and support. We will be with you to assist in new location lease negotiations so you can have long term lease with an exit strategy and grace periods. We will use certain leasing technics to negotiate with the landlord so the lease is very much to your favor. In addition, we will help you with equipment lay out using the triangle flow strategy to maximize efficiency in operating your restaurant.