Why You Should Consider Franchising Your Business ?

If you own a business which could replicate its success on a national and International scale, developing a franchise could offer the most effective route to capturing the Middle East market and the world at large. Franchising is a proven method of business expansion and offers the following advantages:

            ●   Faster Global Expansion
            ●   Better Motivated Operators
            ●   Get The Edge On Competition
            ●   Rationalises Management
            ●   Local Knowledge From Franchisees
            ●   Group Purchasing Strength
            ●   Effective Quality Controls
            ●   A Dedicated Distribution Network
            ●   Marketing Power

Franchise Your Business Using ME franchising

ME franchising is an experienced international franchise consultancy, providing a complete range of services for both the established and prospective franchisor and franchise owner. With hands on experience in the franchise industry wiith leading international franchise chains, ME franchising can offer a one of a kind service to any franchise brand large or small.

From the initial telephone call to our office or meeting with you, it is our responsibility to help you to determine whether or not your business has franchise development potential. ME franchising is not in the business of selling to everyone the idea that they can successfully franchise their business. It is important that we only work with clients as and when they clearly understand the benefits of a solid infrastructure and have the necessary budgets in place.

An additional role of ME franchising is to educate our clients in relation to all 21 key areas of the ME franchising Franchise Development Programme. This takes time and we endeavor to set realistic goals for year one and then we will review the franchise development on a regular six-monthly basis thereafter.

Is your business a genuine prospect for expansion through franchising? Should your company meet the basic criteria of having a business with genuine growth potential, one that can be taught to others and that there will be sufficient levels of profitability to be shared between you and your franchise owners then we should talk. On the other hand, if you are developing an idea with franchise development potential and can find a way to fund the Evaluation Analysis and Outline Franchise Development Business Plan, then we should be able to help you to make the necessary preparations before seeking the further funding prior to take off. 

Our Franchise Trade Membership

As a Member of the International Franchise Association (IFA), the Lebanese Franchise Association (LFA) and who's Managing Director is a Certfied Franchise Executive (CFE), ME franchising has provided Franchise Development Programmers to many successful franchises operating worldwide today especially the Greater Middle East region. We supply advice and full practical assistance in every aspect of realizing the goal of establishing and maintaining the successful franchise network, from conception through development to implementation.

ME franchising Consultancy Services
ME franchising provides effective Franchise Development Programmes, tailored to the specific needs of their respective market sectors for both large and small companies. At the conception stage we can conduct a complete resulting in a set of recommendations outlining a suited to your business concept. During the development stage, we work with you to put in place the necessary infrastructure requirements, attending to all areas critical to success, before starting the . Finally, when the franchise is ready for implementation we are well-equipped to help you identify the most cost-effective marketing strategy.

Improved Profitability

Return on investment is likely to be higher for a business that has opted to expand through franchising. This is because less capital is employed and the franchisor's profits are generated on a much lower capital investment. So although the revenue received from franchised units is logically less than from 100 per cent company-owned outlets, a higher percentage of the revenue is actual profit.

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